Water MonkeyWatermonkey? What’s a watermonkey?

According to Webster’s, “a watermonkey is an earthenware vessel, globular in shape with a straight vertical neck, used in tropical countries for holding water.” Yes, think useful; think hard-working; think valuable; think Watermonkey.

Where’s the store?Directions

We are located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a little city on the seacoast with many enclaves of local color worth perusing. Once you locate us in the Vaughan Mall, we’ll try our best to keep you coming back.

How long has Watermonkey been around?

So far there’s been more than 20 years of this monkey-business.

Are there more locations?

No. Watermonkey in Portsmouth, NH is the only one. Unique (in so many ways).

What credit cards do you accept?

American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa.

Do you accept checks?


Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes they are – and they make such awesome gifts!

How do you ship?

United States Postal Service.

Can you ship rush orders or do overnight delivery?

Usually not.